Quality food &
distinct flavors are
what you truly deserve

We want you to feel special whenever you visit, so we serve you treats with top-quality ingredients and prepared with all the love and warmth unique to the town of Leon, Iloilo.


Discover Leon's Soul
Welcome to Keyk ni Jec


Make us a part
of your Leon

Leon is a tourist destination home to the famous highland Bucari campsite and other spots for nature and history lovers. Drop by our coffee and pastry shop for gastronomic delights before or after you go around town.

Sumptuous food prepared
with passion and love.


Oh Nacho Nacho

Crisp nachos topped with cabbage strips, loaded with tomatoes, cucumber, ground pork, black olives and cheese sauce.


French Fries Plain

Crispy classic French fries, just the way you like it.


Savory French Fries

Crispy fries loaded with with ground pork tenderloin in American Smokey barbecue sauce.



Italian Spaghetti

Italian Pasta tossed in olive oil sautéed garlic, sundried tomatoes, ground lean pork, mushroom infused with organic sweetener.


Creamy Carbonara

Linguine pasta with delightful creamy sauce, with toasted bacon and lots of parmesan cheese.


Classic Italian Carbonara

A delectable Italian pasta in olive oil, bacon, eggs, generously topped with parmesan cheese.


Tuna Pesto

Tuna sautéed in olive oil, mixed in aromatic pesto, drizzled with parmesan cheese and black olives.


Creamy Chicken Pesto

Slices of chicken breast sautéed in our delightfully creamy pesto sauce over linguini pasta.


Shrimp Pasta

A must try from our pasta selection. A straightforward mixture of shrimp in an al dente pasta. Tossed in extra virgin olive oil. A lot of chili flakes and parmesan cheese. Viola!


Pasta Putanesca

Meat free, plain pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil, anchovy, capers, black olives and parmesan cheese.


Aglio e olio

Al dente pasta enveloped in beautifully simple sauce of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, sundried tomatoes.



Whole Pizza

Special thin pizza hand-tossed and baked for our own oven. Seasoned with flavorful pizza sauce and colorful toppings of sliced ham, pineapples, and bacon generously topped in a bed of quickmelt and mozzarella cheeses.


Burger Meal

An old time favorite prepared with our signature delectable patty. Layered with TLC ( tomatoes, lettuce , cucumber), French fries, and veggies on the side.


Burger Supreme

Our signature burger meal made extra special.


With warm meals and
a comfortable place, Keyk Ni Jec shows
Leon’s hospitality at its best.

Comfort food
on your plate

We at Keyk Ni Jec always have your comfort in mind.As a distinct coffee and pastry shop in Iloilo, particularly in the town of Leon, we find ourselves to be the go-to place of people who want to unwind while away from home. Young professionals bond with their colleagues over coffee and cake here after a day’s work. Families who have come to love our baked goodies share some with their loved ones. We keep this atmosphere where people are at ease with others and their surroundings as they enjoy their food. And we want you to feel that in your every visit.

Moreover, if you are from other parts of the Philippines or the world, we want you to experience how well we Leonians treat our visitors. We owe our hospitality to our deep roots in this town, where the owner Gemma Cantara-Cabalfin (mother of Jec) built her business and nurtured her family. The kindness of friends and the generosity and support of the people around encourages us to pay it forward by providing our guests with a memorable dining experience.

Great food, irresistible pastries,
specialty coffee.

Orange Mousse Cake
Orange Mousse Cake

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake


Our passion for great-quality food and our aim to elevate the dining experience of Leonians motivate us to prepare meals and pastries that you will enjoy. Whether you are a resident accustomed to our offers or a tourist getting to know us as a coffee shop in Leon, Iloilo for the first time, you will easily recognize the flavors that are unique to Keyk Ni Jec.

Great food is always equated to great accommodation. We carry this very Filipino—and very Ilonggo—trait in every step of our food preparation: from mixing the baking ingredients to plating the dishes. Everyone behind the making of every cake, coffee, pasta, and burger that we serve are residents of Leon, including Gemma, who is very hands-on in putting together the recipes she herself developed. We don’t skimp on top-quality ingredients.

This makes the overall quality of our food authentically Leonian: made by Leonians, for Leonians and everyone else.

As you make yourself at home, we can make for you the most popular social drink of all time: coffee. It is our original “star of the menu” before we became popular for our cakes, pastries, and meals.

You can never go wrong with our top-quality beans that make every cup, no matter the variant, rich and flavorful. Its warmth reflects how residents of Leon will receive you, wherever you are in town. Our coffee is best paired with our famous cakes and other baked goodies.

#10 Cabaluna St.
Leon, Iloilo 5026,

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